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Baby Welcoming Ceremonies
Rev. Ruth Hoppe
ordained intercultural minister
Sonoma, California

Dear Friends, today we gather in enthusiasm and joy, smiling and laughing together, to welcome an old soul into a new body on Mother Earth. This sweet spirit has chosen to join with us in our learning process, just as we have chosen him/her.

Just as the shining sun is the symbol of the inner light, this baby also radiates the light of the spirit.

We welcome this teacher of light among us, whose name is _______. All babies are marvelous teachers for those of us who are now adults. So much that we have forgotten--about trust, about love, about curiosity, about expression of being--our children can teach us.

We recognize the sacred trust assumed by the mother, _______, and the father, _______, and the grandparents, ______  and ______, in caring for this baby, ____.

We all have a responsibility to respect the innate goodness of this spirit, to give him/her direction when we have those opportunities, and to provide her/him with an environment for gentle nurturance and growth . . .

Copyright 2002 Ruth Hoppe. Only permissible use is in family ceremonies with acknowledgement to author.