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The Nine Day Medicine Wheel Journey
Rev. Ruth Hoppe
ordained intercultural minister
Sonoma, California

The Medicine Wheel is an archetype of wholeness, a spiritual practice, and a sacred pattern for living life on Mother Earth. It is known in many North American traditions as Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop. Physical remains of sacred circles and wheels can be found on almost every continent and embedded in nearly every spiritual culture.

Practicing the Medicine Wheel (or Wisdom Wheel) is to journey forth on a pilgrimage that connects one physically and spiritually with Mother Earth at various times of day, seasons, and locations. Walking around this sacred circle requires setting aside time for communion with holy aspects of nature both within and outside of one's personal being and listening to the messages received.

Inherent in the Medicine Wheel are the four directions - East, South, West, and North, with significant associations attributed to each of them. Every culture has assigned colors, elements, classes of living beings, and purposes or focuses to each direction. These meanings vary among cultures. In lieu of discovering associations through your own experience, you might temporarily adopt those of one of our planet's oldest cultures - The Innapuak people of Alaska. Several years ago an Innapuak elder passed certain Medicine Wheel teachings to D. Marta Jones for transmission to all who sought this wisdom, and she transmitted it onward.

I wish you many blessings on your personal Medicine Wheel journey.

Rev. Ruth
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